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Spotlight on: Volunteer Attorney Kathleen Day-Seiter

A trusts and estates and elder law attorney with a law practice located in Orinda, Kathleen Day-Seiter (“Kass”) staffs pro bono CCSLS’ monthly “Free Wills Clinic” at the Martinez Senior Center.  She received her B.A. from U.C. Riverside, her Masters of Social Welfare with a specialization in gerontology from U.C. Berkeley, and her law degree from Rutgers University.  She worked as a medical social worker for over twenty years advocating for the needs of the elderly and disabled in both California and New Jersey prior to becoming an attorney.  Kathleen has volunteered for 7 years at San Francisco Legal Assistance to the Elderly, as well as volunteering for CCSLS.  She is fluent in German and founded the Rhinegold Women’s Investment Club in Kehl, Germany, where she lived for six years.  She is a past-president of the Oakland Lacrosse Club, a non-profit organization for youth lacrosse, and served on the board of Artemis Rowing, a non-profit rowing club for juniors.  CCSLS is pleased and honored to have the special skills of Kass Day-Seiter available for our senior clients at the Martinez “Free Wills Clinic.”


Contra Costa Senior Legal Services is grateful for the efforts of its volunteers.  Because of their hard work and dedication, we are better able to provide legal services to seniors in our county.

Our current volunteers include:

Individual Volunteers

 David Arietta, Esq.
 Julia Miner, Esq.
 Dess Benedetto, Esq.
 Thomas Matteson
 Marie Bensan, Notary Public
 Chris Moore, Esq.
 Maureen Callaghan, Esq.
 Olivia Nebres, Notary Public
 Lisa Chow, Graphic Designer
 Gabriela Odell, Esq.
 Kathleen Day-Seiter, Esq.
 Sora O'Doherty, Esq.
 Konstantine Demiris, Esq.
 Joan Presky, Esq.
  Steven Derby, Esq.
 Vanessa Rebelo
  Natalie Di Cortasso, Esq.
 Geoffrey Robinson, Esq.
 Linda Kelly
 Judith Sanders, Esq.
 Marcia Goodman-Lavey, Esq.
 Ivette Santaella, Esq.
 Matthew Hart, Esq.
  Mary Weber, Paralegal
 Joyce Kawahata, Esq.
 Lisa Zaragoza, Esq.
 Bruce Last, Esq.
 Pamala Zimba, Esq.
 Peter Loewenstein, Esq.

 Corporate/Institutional Volunteers

AIG Legal Department 
 Members of the Chevron Law Department 
 JFKU Law School, Elder Law Clinic
 Members of CSAA Insurance Group's Legal Division

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